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10 years to explore the road, we do our best to do the best brand.

The total area of the workshop covers 28000 square meters and the dust-free area accounts for 40%. We provide hundreds of products here for the world.There is strict ISO13485 quality management system and implementation of lean production management. Even each pair of shoes and garment here is finely arranged and displayed.Here you can see our blown film production line with  advanced lean production control which guarantees the quality by each strict and accurate process.Thousands of tons of plastic products are produced here every year and sold all over the world.

60% of the production line in the factory has been automated from the initial selection of raw materials to the output of finished products. Technology ensures the high quality presentation of every product, Here you can see products quality inspection work of Hefei Hongwei Medical Devices Co., Ltd. The international quality inspection standars are strictly implemented in terms of tensile strength strength and hygiene standards in order to make sure each product meets the quality requirements. Throughout the year dozens of modern production lines supply the whole world with safe and hygienic daily use catering protection and medical treatment products.

From the very product at the beginning of the establishment to today's full coverage of application fields. we have achieved a global market position. It benefits from the dedication and commitment of Guohong's Family.

They are next to production line as well as by the customers. The professional team are proficient in international trading business keen-witted capable honest and keep pace with times. We believe one paddle makes no way to cross the ocean whereas putting efforts together will make it possible. Today the export value is increasing at a rate of more than 20% every year. Our customers spread over 56 countries and regions on five continents of the world. The standards and quality of our products are increasingly acknowledged by the market and customers which urgets us to be more strict and conscientious in bringing health and safety to the world further. We are grateful. We appreciate the trust of our friends from all over the world. Thanks brothers and sisters for their valuable sense of responsibility and dedication in their work. We are blessed.

Honesty and trustworthiness 

Diligent progress   


Reform and Innovation

Hardworking achieve dream

A new  year opens up new hopes, New blanks carry new dreams.

Work hard, keep success, Let laughter accompany us, Let happiness last for ever.

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