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Happy Womens Day

On March 8, 1857, Garment and textile workers in New York, United States Onto the streets to protest against poor working conditions and low wages. They used their actions in exchange for social attention and respect for women.

Indeed, if there were no women in the world, everything would be a mess, more and more women were showing themselves on the political platform and creating brilliance in the economic sphere. 

Even ordinary housewives were working hard all the times. Their home is a clean, welcoming place. Fortunately, the State promotes equality between men and women.

On this day, Our company Guohong make some activities for this festival. We received the flowers from the company before going to work early in the morning. In addition, the company's employees also have fleshy planting activities, each of whom grows their favorite small plants. There are also makeup and makeup activities that girls and girls love most. This is the unique activity and welfare of our girls.

Thanks for the company's activities

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