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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2018

We are very happy to receive our boss blessing.  Everyone was told that there was a surprise afternoon in the meeting room. 

Our boss wrote a thank you card for everyone.  He secretly placed the cards and roses on our desk before we went to work, Thanks  for our contribution and efforts to the company.  The content on the card is written like this: "The development of Guohong is inseparable from your hard work and dedication. Thank you, my dear partner! I hope you will always be on my way in the future! "

In afternoon, our company prepared afternoon tea for us. We eat and drink and play games.  Our sense of team responsibility is fully embodied in playing games. 

The most exciting moment is coming.  We send best wish to our  working partners  coming birthday. We sang birthday songs and ate cakes together. Have a pleasant and nice afternoon. 

Happy Thanksgiving day with colleagues have  a  nice and enjoyable afternoon tea!!!Happy birthdays to the god of longevity. 

Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family

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