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Medical Protective Clothing vs Isolation Gown

Non woven disposable Isolation gown and protective clothing are all measures to cut off the link between the source of disease and susceptible people, cut off the source of infection, protect healthy people or meet the needs of product production.

1.Different Fabric

Isolation gown: mainly containing conductive silk fabrics, gabardine, gauze, TYVEK (acid and alkali resistance) and so on.

Protective clothing: mainly natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, lead, synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic, resin, and synthetic fiber, to contemporary new functional materials and composite materials.

2.The Applicable Objects are Different

Level 2 disposable protective isolation gowns a protective equipment used by medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances and also to protect patients from infection.

Protective clothing: It is a disposable protective equipment worn by medical staff when they come into contact with patients with infectious diseases of Class A or managed according to Class A infectious diseases.

3. Different Characteristics

Isolation gown generally designed without a hood, with good air permeability and good moisture permeability, which can prevent the penetration of fine dust and liquid, while allowing the penetration of water vapor. The isolation suit itself does not emit dust, does not stick to dust, has good barrier properties, high density and high strength, and can effectively sterilize and sterilize.

Protective clothing: It has the characteristics of impermeability, good air permeability, high strength and high resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

4. Different Uses

Isolation clothing: widely used in clean workshops in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tubes, semiconductors, precision machinery, plastics, painting, hospitals, environmental protection and other industries, with a variety of colors and specifications for different anti-static or clean environment.

Disposable microporous coverall suit mainly used in fire protection, military industry, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.

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