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The Role of Personal Protective Equipment Against Coronavirus

Since COVID-19 arrived in the global, healthcare facilities have seen a marked increase in patient traffic. In addition to their usual patient loads, medical establishments are fielding thousands of patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Here are some common types of PPE recommended:

1. Face Masks: N95 respirators, surgical masks, or well-fitting cloth masks can help filter out respiratory droplets.

2. Gloves: Disposable gloves can be used to protect hands when in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

3. Face Shields/Goggles: These provide additional protection to the eyes, especially in situations with a higher risk of exposure.

4. Gowns/Protective Clothing: Protective gowns or coveralls can shield the body from contamination when in close contact with infected individuals.

Personal protective equipment involves: respiratory protection, head and face protection, body protection, and foot protection.

All people should reduce their activities to crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility such as cinemas, Internet cafes, KTVs, public baths, shopping malls, stations and airports, exhibition halls, etc. Pay attention to personal protection and hand hygiene, and it is recommended to wear masks when going out. Wear a medical surgical non woven face mask or N95 mask when going out to public places, seeking medical attention, and taking public transportation. Reduce exposure to public objects and parts in public places.

It's important to note that proper usage, disposal, and adherence to hygiene practices like handwashing are essential to ensure the effectiveness of PPE. Additionally, following local guidelines and recommendations from health authorities is crucial in selecting and using PPE effectively.

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