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What is the Material of the CPE Gown?

CPE gowns, also known as disposable gowns, are isolation gowns composed of CPE fabric (chlorinated polyethylene). The chlorinated polyethylene is a material that These gowns are widely used as a protection against infections.

The medical waterproof CPE gown with Long Sleeves are made up of CPE film whose materials are the LDPE, LLDPE, and the MLLDPE. The content is thick enough to cover the body and firm enough due to the seam seals. These gowns are made in different thicknesses and dimensions, which ensures that the dress is fit for serving its various purposes. The CPE film is also light enough but also thick enough to act as an effective barrier.

Because of the various uses of the CPE gown, this gown can be used by anyone who wants to protect themselves from the virus. Doctors in the operating room also need to use this dress. Pharmacists also need to use these protective suits to protect themselves. Veterinarians also need to use this gown for various reasons, such as sterilization and prevention of infection in the center. Anyone who works in these areas will need to use this disposable cpe isolation gown in any place that needs to adhere to proper sanitization, such as food factories, nursing units, and kitchen dining areas.

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