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Isolation Gown Donning & Doffing Procedures

Disposable protective isolation gowns are ideal barrier protection for use in laboratories, clinics, EMS, dental procedures, healthcare, food processing, medical research and cleanroom as they don easily over clothes and prevent cross-contamination.

How to wear an isolation gown:

(1) Lift the collar with the right hand, put the left hand into the sleeve, and pull the collar up with the right hand to expose the left hand.

(2) Change the collar with the left hand, put the right hand into the sleeve, reveal the right hand, raise the hands to shake the sleeve, and be careful not to touch the face.

(3) Hold the collar with both hands, and fasten the neckband from the center of the collar to the back along the edge.

(4) Gradually pull one side of the isolation gown (about 5cm below the waist) forward until you see the edge pinched. Pinch the other edge in the same way.

(5) Align the hem of the garment with both hands behind your back.

(6) Fold to one side, hold the fold with one hand, and pull the waistband to the fold with the other hand.

(7) Cross the belt behind the back and tie the belt back to the front.

How to take off the gown:

(1) Unfasten the straps.

(2) Disinfect hands.

(3) Untie the straps behind the neck.

(4) Pull the gown down from the chest by holding the straps with both hands.

(5) Pinch the clean surface inside the left collar with the right hand and take off the left sleeve.

(6) Hold the inner side of the right collar with the left hand, pull down and take off the right sleeve, turn the contaminated side of the isolation gown inward, roll the collar and the edge to the center, and put it in the designated container.

Available in a variety of medical barrier fabrics, sizes and colors, medical isolation gowns are economical and provide full frontal coverage.  

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