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The Importance of Medical Scrub Suits

Today, we will introduce the importance of disposable medical scrub suits in surgical operations.

The entire procedure requires non-toxic and sterile, which is a requirement to ensure patient safety. The surgeon will be fully armed before entering the operating room. Isolation clothes, isolation caps, masks, and heavy disinfection technology ensure the non-toxic and sterile of the entire operation process.

Hospitals generally have requirements for doctors' ordinary work clothes, which are neat and clean, without fancy patterns, uniform colors, etc., so that the doctor's profession is more professional. The requirements for patient scrub suits are even higher, because the doctor who performs the operation is likely to be on the operating table for several hours, or even more than ten hours. 

Secondly, it has a dual protection function, which not only protects patients from infection, but also ensures that medical staff will not reverse the infection, which is very safe. The non-woven surgical bag is used again to make the patient very comfortable. It is soft and breathable to prevent liquid penetration, so it is very clean and tidy, which can effectively improve patient comfort and reduce postoperative infection rate. Finally, the non-woven surgical bag is very environmentally friendly, and the post-processing is very simple. In addition, operation time can be saved, which is of great benefit to patients and medical staff.

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