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CPE Surgical Gown AAMI level 1

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, various medical equipment is in short supply. In hospitals, it is used to protect medical staff from the spread of the virus, usually wearing isolation gowns, protective clothing, surgical gowns, etc.However, in the process of clinical supervision, we often find that medical staff use different functions of these three protective equipment.

Different functions

Isolation Gown:

Protective equipment used for medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances during contact, or to protect patients from infection. The cpe medical isolation gown is a two-way isolation that not only prevents the medical staff from being infected or contaminated, but also prevents the patient from being infected.

Protective Suit:

Disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical staff when contacting patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed under Class A infectious diseases. Disposable protective clothing is to prevent infection of medical staff and is a single item of isolation.

Surgical Gown:

The disposable surgical cpe gown plays a two-way protective role during the operation. First, the surgical gown establishes a barrier between the patient and the medical staff, which reduces the probability of medical staff coming into contact with the patient’s blood or other body fluids and other potential sources of infection during the operation; secondly, the surgical gown can block colonization/adhesion to the medical staff’s skin or clothing Various bacteria on the surface spread to the surgical patients, effectively avoiding cross-infection of MRSA, VRE, etc. Therefore, the barrier function of surgical gowns is regarded as the key to reducing the risk of infection during surgery.

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