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Medical CPE Gown with Long Sleeves

Disposable Isolation gowns are generously sized for full coverage and helps keep chemicals and viruses off clothes and away from skin. AAMI Level 3 CPE gowns also help provide protection against high levels of fluid.These isolation gowns feature a high apron style neckline, yoke back for easy donning and fast removal. Knitted cuffs with elasticity.

Disposable PPE Poly Propylene Non-woven isolation gown is a basic blue isolation gown to be used during examinations and surgeries. Made from spunbond fabric, it can be used in medical surgical procedures, in the emergency room, patient treatment, prevention checks in public places and areas contaminated with the virus. Also widely used in military, chemical industry and other fields.

These lightweight breathable disposable medical isolation gowns offer both protection against spray, splatter and small liquid particles, while also being strong enough to be tear resistant. The disposable gowns are unisex and provide full front and side coverage while establishing a physical barrier for the transmission of microorganisms and other substances.

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