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When the Covid-19 is still going on, masks still need to be worn

Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic rages on,and with cases once again on the rise in many locations.The rapid onset and circumstances of the pandemic have stressed medical supply chains worldwide and resulted in a huge shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly face masks. The suddenness of the global shortage made many types of PPE hard to obtain at any price. The shift has led governments, medical manufacturers and product buyers worldwide to rethink the value of maintaining, or recreating, a domestic supply of medical-quality face masks.

The disposable 3ply medical face masks are an important line of defense to prevent respiratory infectious diseases and can reduce the risk of covid-19. Masks can not only prevent the patient from spraying droplets, reduce the amount and speed of droplets, but also block virus-containing droplet nuclei and prevent the wearer from inhaling.

Even after the Covid-19 vaccine, you must continue to wear a mask

For individuals, the protective effect of vaccination is not 100%, and it takes a certain amount of time to produce protective antibodies; for groups, the new coronavirus is still easy to spread without the formation of an immune barrier. Therefore, personal protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance, frequent ventilation, and using public chopsticks and spoons must still be adhered to.


1. Be sure to wear a mask in poorly ventilated or confined places

Wear a mask in places with poor air circulation, such as enclosed vehicles, airplanes, high-speed rails, subways, buses, etc., and enclosed public places such as elevators and places with poor ventilation.

2. When you go to the hospital or accompany your relatives and friends to see a doctor, you must wear a mask in the hospital environment.

In addition, you must wear masks at public service windows, such as cashiers in supermarkets and counters in banks.

3. The non woven surgical face mask needs to be replaced in time when the protective performance is reduced due to deformation, wetting or soiling.

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