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Why scrubs are worn by medical professionals? There are a few primary reasons why medical professionals dress in scrubs:

In addition to alleviating eye fatigue, it can also prevent patients from coming into contact with bacteria and germs from the outside world. Patients need a clean, sterile environment and staff to help them speed up recovery. Surgical scrubs can aid in containing the spread of microorganisms found on the skin and on clothing worn outside the surgical area, and lower the incidence of surgical site infections. Choosing the right clothing for the personnel transfer area and establishing guidelines are important steps in limiting microbial spread and promoting patient safety.

Medical patient scrubsuits are essential protective clothing and help minimize cross-contamination. In today's increasingly powerful world of bacteria and bacteria, the medical environment must be kept sterile-scrubs help make this possible. Today, very detailed hygiene guidelines regulate clothing in the OR and in the restricted surgery area. Clean surgical scrubs, sterile surgical gowns and headgear are worn to protect the perioperative personnel as well as to decrease microbial contamination of surgical wounds.

In Europe, surgical patient scrubs are worn in the surgical area by many healthcare providers such as surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses, and laboratory technicians. Sterile gowns are then worn over the surgical scrubs to ensure sterile conditions when performing surgery.

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