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White Disposable CPE Surgical Gown

White Disposable CPE Surgical Gown

Product Performance Structure and Composition:

Disposable CPE Surgical Gown is composed of collar, body, sleeves, ties, etc. The waist and collar are closed with drawstrings and are made of laminated non-woven fabric.

Colour: White

Size: M L XL

Scope of Application:

The Disposable CPE Gown is used to prevent the spread of infectious agents between patients and medical staff during surgical procedures and other invasive examinations. It is suitable for operations where there is no infectious virus in the blood of patients; chemical and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and medical device industries , Coating industry, scientific research.


1. Open the outer package and check whether the products in the package are intact.

2. Then wear the disposable surgical gown properly.


1. Keep away from moisture, humidity, and open flames;

2. One-time use, not repeated use

3. Do not use if the packaging is damaged;

4. Do not use after the expiry date of the product

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