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Body Protection

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PE Visitor Gown


  • Material:PE (Polyethylene)

  • Size: 120*150cm

  • Weight: 38 gram/ piece etc.

  • Style: Shirt collar, 3 pair studa, open cuff.

  • Color: White

  • Packaging

      1 piece/poly bag, 10 pieces/ middle bag, 20 middle bag/ carton

  • Description:

    The PE Visitor Gown is made of transparent PE-film. It has press studs and a button-up lapel collar to close the opening in the front of the gown. This gown is completely liquid-resistant and suitable for wet environments. Applicable as gown for visitors in very wet environment.

    Intended use: The product protects against contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents or prolonged contact with water.

    It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.

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