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Disposable Gowns

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Level 3 CPE Isolation Gowns

Diposable CPE Gowns with Thumb Loop provide great protection, save time & keep sleeves from sliding up.


General Hospital Gown

Made from blue coated polyethylene material

High-level fluid protection

Apron-style neck enables gown to be placed on and off quickly

Thumb loop style wrists keep sleeves from sliding up when putting on gloves

Colour: blue

Type: Disposable level 3 CPE hospital gown

Packaging: 1 per bagIndividually folded and packaged in a dispenser box

Our surgical level 3 gown has a variety of comfort functions to ensure that you will not be bothered by their presence. The thumb ring CPE gown has an apron neckline, so the CPE gown can be removed quickly to prevent a large amount of liquid from entering. Perfectly sized and easy to use, it covers all critical areas and provides adequate protection under the lowest risk situations where the possibility of liquid coming into contact with the wearer is small.

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