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Disposable Glove

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Black Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Powder-free vinyl gloves are available, the latex-free design helps accommodate users with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves provide excellent protection and help ensure safe food preparation. Vinyl gloves are widely used in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries that require high levels of hand dexterity. They offer some distinct advantages over latex alternatives such as thinner construction, more comfortable fit, and reduced risk of allergic reactions.


High Quality Powder Free Black Vinyl Gloves

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large

Standard: Industrial, Multi-purpose

Type: Non-sterile, Ambidextrous

Condition: Powder Free

Packing: 100 PCS/BOX, 10 BOX/CARTON

Food Service, Sanitary, Industrial, Auto and General Use.

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